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3500 – A Rich History

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GE’s Bently Nevada product manager Jesse Hanna shares the rich history of 3500’s innovation.

Learn more about 3500 by clicking here.

Updated ADRE 408 and AMD Training Courses!

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Favorites of machinery professionals around the world, GE’s Bently Nevada ADRE 408 and Advanced Machinery Dynamics (AMD) training courses have been updated with workshops, new case histories and material that benefit those new to the machinery diagnostics and APM (Asset Performance Management) field as well as having interest for refreshing and networking.

For more details on these courses and others check out GE’s Bently Nevada Training Website


ADRE 408 DSPi / Spx Rev 4


  • Two topics, Vibration Data Fundamentals and Signal Processing, have been added to ensure sufficient background and knowledge about vibration and signal processing
  • Numerous topics have been updated for clarity and additional details
    • Configuring a Database
    • Collecting Data
    • Plot Session Management
    • Advanced Features for Static Data Plotting
    • Dynamic Data Plotting
  • A Final workshop has been added for students to practice, as if they are on site in front of a 3500 rack with an ADRE 408.   Students will configure the ADRE database, collect data, and compare data between two runs
  • Other topics have been added for reference
    • replay card
    • power card
    • front panel, and more

Advanced Machinery Dynamics Course Rev 6

(The Advanced Machinery Dynamics course essentially begins where the Machinery Diagnostics course leaves off)

  • The course topic on Anisotropy has been removed and replaced with a new topic on Magnetic Bearing Design
  • The course topic on Signal Processing has been redesigned
  • A new topic on Gear Failures and Inspections has been added
  • Four new case histories have been added
    • Steam Turbine Rub Oil Coke
    • High Synch 1X in Generator
    • Oil Whirl Expander
    • Compressor Sudden High

Product Management and Customer Success

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As a product manager at GE’s Bently Nevada product line, a key responsibility is the lifecycle of a product portfolio. This position takes on many forms of responsibility; however I find the most exciting aspect is driving new features and product introductions.

Recently, GE’s Bently Nevada product line launched a new product, the 2300 Series Vibration Monitor. This launch was driven by market needs, customer demand, and executed by a cross-functional team that spanned the globe. During this journey there were many successes, hurdles and lessons learned – all of which incorporated the Bently Nevada team’s unique skills.

It started over three years ago, with a request from the Chinese market for a low priced protection monitor. In addition to this request, there was a need for a replacement for Bently Nevada’s obsoleted 1900 Series Monitors.  The plan was to use a Chinese development team which would include key members of Bently Nevada’s engineering team to support and provide their extensive knowledge of protection monitors.

After four months of documentation and refinement, we had the pieces to go forward with development. Discussing best practices, sharing experiences and knowledge were all facilitated by the program manager, based in China. The development team gave their heart and soul, in collaboration with the Bently Nevada engineering team, to make this a success.

In 18 months, we had a product that was available to quote to customers. Success was almost immediately apparent when we launched the 2300/20 Vibration Monitor into the market in May 2015, as we had a backlog of orders for manufacturing to fulfill. This pre-release drive for orders can be attributed to the participation of the sales team, and the engagement and commitment of the customer service team to work through the SAP advanced order process.

This leads me to the next success, which was a collaborative team effort. The commercial team was approached with a request from a large refinery for the delivery of 250 units of our 2300 monitors, mounted into stainless enclosures, wired and operational for use – a custom installation needed in just 2 and a half months. We would have to install a monitor in a 14”x16” enclosure, which would need to be wired and operational with drawing and certifications. First,  the customer would have to approve this design, as well as securing the necessary safety approvals from a certifying body, while still allowing time to order all the parts, assemble 250 2300/20 Vibration Monitors and deliver to the site within the customer’s requested timeline.

These types of requests do not get fulfilled without a team of professionals who work together to meet customer deadlines. The first step was the cabinet shop and the Technical Regulations and Standards (TRS) teams. They were tasked with establishing the correct design to meet the necessary certification requirements. Using this design, the sales team would need to get approval for the enclosure drawings from the customer, as well as create the proposal, including services. After customer feedback, the cabinet teams built four prototypes within two days and delivered the enclosures to two different locations for customer approval. Based on feedback from sales, this quick delivery solidified the Bently Nevada solution and aided in the customer moving forward with the purchase order. The remaining two enclosures were used for certification assessment. These two enclosures successfully passed certification due to the step-by-step support provided by the cabinet team.

We did not have adequate parts inventory to meet this monitor demand so, proactively, the supply chain and manufacturing teams had to adjust their processes to meet the demand while waiting for an advanced release. With the design approved, the customer sent over the purchase order. Due to the strong relationships that the Bently Nevada teams have, the engineering, supply chain, sales and product management teams were able to work closely to successfully execute this project.

The success of this project is one of the many ways that Bently Nevada works with its customers to ensure that success is met at every level. Through this specific customer’s need, we were able to employ the Fastworks methodology to bring the customer’s expectations to life. From design to implementation, the Bently Nevada team works tirelessly to meet and exceed customer expectations.

ADAPT 3701 Release 4 is Available to Ship

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The three 3701 monitors, 3701/40 Machinery Dynamics Monitor (MDM), 3701/44 Aero, and 3701/46 Hydro have been enhanced with new functionality and are available to ship. This additional functionality includes:


System 1 Evolution software connectivity for all 3701/4X systems is being worked in two phases:

  • Phase 1 includes waveform and trend data collection and was enabled in the earlier October 2015 release of System 1 Evolution.  The data collection rates are user adjustable and can be as frequent as every second for trend data and every 10 minutes for waveform data.
  • Phase 2 will add alarm and transient data collection in System 1 Evolution to support start up and shut down analysis as well as alarm event diagnostics and will be released in 2016.



  • A Dual Base to address the needs of additional reliability.  The Dual Base will be offered on the 3701/40 MDM as well as the 3701/44 Aero and consist of a relay module, two input modules, and two (redundant) processor modules.  The 3701/46 Hydro will continue to be available as a simplex version only.
  • A new Positive Voltage Module (PoV). The 3701 PoV input module is a 6-channel + Keyphasor/speed input module that interfaces to a variety of positively powered sensors such as: +24 V Proximitor sensors, +24 V Interface modules, and 2 wire IEPE sensors using 3.3 mA constant current. Any of the PoV’s six channels (1-6) can be independently configured for one of the supported transducers. Each PoV supports one dedicated negatively powered Keyphasor or speed measurement on channel 7 that is configurable for Proximitor sensors or magnetic pick-ups.

Signal Processing and Measurement:

  • New release of BNMC backwards compatible with FW revisions 3.0 and higher (all known field installs are currently 3.0 or higher).
  • Full Gear Box support with the addition of Enveloping (Demod), Amplitude Extraction and Spectral Bands.
  • Measurements and Not OK in relay logic.
  • Integrated Waveforms/Spectrums.
  • Conditioned speed inputs/outputs.

Reference Materials include: 



3D Demo

3701/40 Fact Sheet

3701/40 Data Sheet

3701/44 Fact Sheet

3701/44 Data Sheet

3701/46 Fact Sheet

3701/46 Data Sheet

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