Updated ADRE 408 and AMD Training Courses!

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Favorites of machinery professionals around the world, GE’s Bently Nevada ADRE 408 and Advanced Machinery Dynamics (AMD) training courses have been updated with workshops, new case histories and material that benefit those new to the machinery diagnostics and APM (Asset Performance Management) field as well as having interest for refreshing and networking.

For more details on these courses and others check out GE’s Bently Nevada Training Website


ADRE 408 DSPi / Spx Rev 4


  • Two topics, Vibration Data Fundamentals and Signal Processing, have been added to ensure sufficient background and knowledge about vibration and signal processing
  • Numerous topics have been updated for clarity and additional details
    • Configuring a Database
    • Collecting Data
    • Plot Session Management
    • Advanced Features for Static Data Plotting
    • Dynamic Data Plotting
  • A Final workshop has been added for students to practice, as if they are on site in front of a 3500 rack with an ADRE 408.   Students will configure the ADRE database, collect data, and compare data between two runs
  • Other topics have been added for reference
    • replay card
    • power card
    • front panel, and more

Advanced Machinery Dynamics Course Rev 6

(The Advanced Machinery Dynamics course essentially begins where the Machinery Diagnostics course leaves off)

  • The course topic on Anisotropy has been removed and replaced with a new topic on Magnetic Bearing Design
  • The course topic on Signal Processing has been redesigned
  • A new topic on Gear Failures and Inspections has been added
  • Four new case histories have been added
    • Steam Turbine Rub Oil Coke
    • High Synch 1X in Generator
    • Oil Whirl Expander
    • Compressor Sudden High
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